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Hallow ~
Assalamualaikum and Bonjour Fellas surprised
Today i nak cite pasal budak kat dlm gamba tu , kenal ? Tak kan ? hewhew :3 Tapi i ada cerita about die dulu , Budak ni now tay at Australia and I Miss Her So Much ! I wanna meet her cause i really2 miss her . Hari nie dah 10/7 dah nak dekat puasa dah . Die pindah pergi Australia bulan 3 . Arghhhh ~ Dah 4 bulan lebih tak jumpe die cry Rindu gile dekat die , walaupun I tak rapat dengan die dulu but when i was 14 and i sit besides her in the class , start from that i was closely with her . Mase last day dia dekat skolah CPR tu i rase sedih gile but I tak nangis , then time Sejarah cikgu tak ajar i dengan kawan2 i satu kelas buat kad untuk dia :) Then i sit with her at my own place and i put my head at her shoulder and ont that time my eyes gonna cry :3 Azlin , Qurratu and Shafira ckp " huh ! finally kau menangi jugak , kan senang kau lepaskan je , tak payah nak pendam dalam hati tu " but on that time farah didn't know that i was crying xD I Give her a cup and i wrote something at the cup . Seriously , i said ! I miss her so much , and i much want to play " cubit - cubit and pukul-pukul " with her :/ and now i sit with Qurratu , i just laugh tapi takde main cubit2 dengan pukul2 tu :( I want Farah back ! I Miss Her so much ! and i wanna skype with her , for a second time farah said she's wanna skype with me , but i can't causse on that time i on used my phone and for a second time i was at the Klang . I goes to Klang and i didn't bring my own lappy :/ urmm , sadlife ~ I miss her so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Dia dekat sana cuti 1 month , and i dekat Malaysia cuti 2 hari je -oo- Bosan ~ Farah ! one day i will meet you , and i hope after 2 years you and your family's come back to Malaysia . I don't want you stay there forever , i wanna you to come back Malaysia and insyaAllah i will invite you at the airport :) If you don't come back to Malaysia , i will sulk with you forever :/ okey ? I miss you so much sayang :* i hope you can come back to Malaysia one day :)
Okay , that's all for today okey ? Assalamualaikum and bonjour fellas :*

I Miss You so much Farah ! I Love You Farah :*

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