Hey guys ~ Assalamualaikum ! Hee :D miss me ? yaa, i know. ceh xD haha. okey. Now i would like to tell ma story bout I WONDER. You why ? I don't know why xD haha. k. Start.
Okey ~ I just wanna say that i miss the old me ! before the date of 15/4/2012. I;m not like this. If i can turn back the time, i will do that. Seriously now i wanna forget all about him ! I'm trying ! haha. okey ~ i will gonna be like SUPERWOMAN. no hurt. no crying. no sad and no more with him. jeng jeng jeng. Okey. Tak tau nak cakap apa lagi ni. Sekolah dah nak buka ! and i;m gonna be FIFTEEN ! and PMR CANDIDATE ! OMAGAD ! Can't wait for school xD eh ? tibe tibe je buka pasal sekolah. dah kenape dengan aku ni ? haha ! okey ~ Lastly ! BITCH FOR YOU SAYANG ~ 

Penat Menaip by Umi Cocomel x'P

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