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Assalamualaikum and Bonjour Fellas :D Long time no read rite? haha. jap jap dah berhabuk blog ni >.< *fuhh fuhh* fuhh ~ berhabuk siaa xD Okey. Today i would like to story about NOTHING FROM NOW haha. You all tahu sinopsis dia ape ? eceh sinopsis. hahaha ! LOL. That one is about me and HIM. You know who rite ? ofcourse la MUHAMMAD AIMAN BIN KHAMIS yang 1 month dengan dia dulu tuuu. haha. k.
So, now saya dengan dia dah break LULZZZZZZZ. Tarikh 10/3/2013 hmm. Dia yang minta, JAHILIAH betul dia tu. tau dia minta break mcm mane ? for sure la tak tahu. haha. LOL. Dia whatsapp ckp "Weh aku nak break" The Hell laa ayat dia. I LIKE ! Panjang lagi act story dia. Malas nak ungkit, menyakitkan hati je. hmm. Nak kata tak menangis malam tu for sure la nangis, siape tak sakit hati bile dia minta break mcm tu je, and tanpa sbb -.- err. Itulah lelaki. lololol. Act, tarikh tu nak meet dia, tapi dia ckp kakak angkat dia nak jumpe dia dekat central market then dia ajak umi, ibu tak kasi keluar so umi ckp la ibu tak kasi. Dia okey. and i ask him what time he will come ? and he said 3 or 4 o'clock. I;m waiting bout 4 to 5 hours but he's doesn't coming. and ! another 2 DAYS me and him will 2 MONTHS . Sayang gile dohhh. Malam tu juga la mengadu dekat Nadrah and nad was like a LION marah gilee x') LOL. Sakit HATI. ERR. hmm. nak kata still sayang dia, for sure la sayang lagi kan ? hmm. But sometimes i feel like erghh, I WAS LIKE A STUPID GIRL CAUSE I'M STILL LOVING HIM BUT HE'S NOT. So, i choose to be the old me start from now on. 
Sejujurnya lah kan, umi memang sayang dia. SANGAT. Tapi bile dia dah buat umi mcm ni, just forget all about it. I'll try to be strong and i don't know xD 10/3/13 the date that i will never forget. I will always keep it in my mind until i find the other partner for me. hahaha. LOL. Ok. Bye. Malas nak type dah. Bonjour :*

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